The Amazing Human Cockroach


  1. It happened to me and I must pull a very particular face because they usually run after a while holding gazes (is this the correct expression? you know, staring at each other in the eyes).
    Interestingly enough, it didn’t happen to me in Europe. Or I didn’t notice at least.

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  2. Dear Tony,

    In this case I would have calmly eaten my sandwich while maintaining eye contact the whole time. Of course, I’m female and less likely to get punched or stabbed for my insolence. Well, at least here in the States.

    All My Love,


  3. OMG, Tony. This is hilarous!! 🙂 Love it. I can “feel” the mortification in the last frame. I understand it too, because this has happened to me. Thanks for my Monday morning smile.


  4. times like that you wish that the earth would open up and swallow you whole.other than that i liked the strip tony.


  5. Haha, one of my friends would love this, she’s obsessed with the idea that everyone is always staring at her, but I keep telling her they aren’t and it’s in her head. She doesn’t believe me.


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