Friends With Rory Kilgore


  1. This is beautiful, meaningful and SO WELL DONE!!! I laughed and smiled and just love it!!! I agree with your other commenter… your stuff is professional and deserves a mega audience. Fantastic!


  2. Great strip Tony. How did you keep that texture in the grandmas clothes so constant when not all of the linework was closed?


    1. Thanks, Sophie. I drop the texture over the area I want to use it on, then select the outline of that area with the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Then I go into the Select menu, select Inverse and hit delete. Easy as pie! 😀


  3. Get an agent, Tony. If you’re going to consistently turn out brilliance on top of brilliance, get an agent. I’d match your strips up against anything on the market today.

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  4. Are you sure he wasn’t kicking Ernest’s ass? The guy lived out his adventures through you. I think all that bullying made him overtly aggressive. I appreciate the ending message that friends “overlook stuff”…..but there are limits. Good work, Tony.

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    1. Naw, that’s just Rory’s idea of a good time. He never intends to actually hurt Ernest. Rory’s just a rough-and-tumble kinda guy, not an out and out aggressive type! 🙂


  5. ok!! i totally love the new strip tony,i can totally understand being bullied for having epilepsy but,why would rory be bullied for being the ENGLISH ernest uses i,ve never heard such vulgarity in my life SERIOUSLY.i love the deafness and accents don,t mix to true.this strip seems so real that it could happen to anyone really. love the strip,new character and ernests loyalty for standing by his friend anyone else would walk away.great strip written with honesty and feelings.keep the strips coming tony. fyi this is a short e mail.

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