The Crumb, the Cynics and the Closet


  1. ‘how’s narnia?’ haha! i’m geeking out on your strips today. started out as research for our strip, then ended up lying in bed reading the older ones. when are you gonna pull them together? i’d buy the book.

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  2. Dear Tony,

    I want to be weak and happy, too. Circumstances make weakness nigh on impossible, so I just keep working on happy.

    All My Love,

    P.S. Here in the U.S. it’s the atheists who talk about being “in the closet”. It can be ruinous to come out. You risk losing friends, family, jobs. Parents throw out kids who express doubts about the faith in which they were reared. It is sad.


    1. It is sad. No one should be ostracised for what they believe or don’t believe. Here, it’s not as big of a deal. You don’t get battered as much if you come out as an atheist, thank God. (See what I did there?)


      1. I do see what you did there. 😉

        I am more “out” online than I am in real life. I’m being outed more and more by my daughter, though, who has never been introduced to religion in our home. Now that she’s in school (1st grade) she is confronted by it more and more. She has no interest in it, and no reason to think she should. I worry for her, but all I can do is be here and answer her questions as well as I can.


        1. Yes, it’s all you can do. I’ve stepped away from all that religious stuff myself because I had to. I wish someone else had have told me that it was okay to think for myself. Sadly, I had to work that out all on my own. It’s good that your daughter has you around to guide her through that minefield.


  3. Your intelligence reigns! I haven’t read The Chronicles of Narnia but this strip involves that series?? Love that last line- “I just want to be weak and happy.”


    1. The Chronicles of Narnia is a brilliant series, and I thoroughly recommend it, Pamo. As for the last line, a longtime friend of mine said that to me once in conversation, and what she said has stuck with me ever since.

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  4. how can religion be an anachronism {i looked it up} . if religion is out of date how would histroy be made all those centurys ago .also what about charles darwin theory of eveloution, and that adam and eve were creationsim born by the hand of god which in turn means they have no bellybutton.religion shouldn,t be kept in the dark.also like the references of c.s.lewis and francis ford coppola just what do you have against the godfather the movie {not the original.} a philosophial strip and agreat one.keep those strips coming tony.


    1. Hi Stephen! I’m glad you’re getting into this! Those are all valid questions that I can only leave up to you to answer. In the meantime, reading more comics is always a help! 😉


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