1. Dear Tony,

    You killed death and took his job. I think that is *FANTASTIC* even if it was unintentional. Some things really are eternal. Also, do you enjoy Terry Pratchett? Just curious.

    All My Love,


      1. .



        You must rectify this foul oversight as soon as possible. Having gotten to know you a bit, I will recommend “Small Gods” and “Reaper Man”.

        Ok, well, I would have recommended those anyway as they are two of my favorites. And, really, you can’t go wrong with any of them. He also did a collaboration with Neil Gaiman (another favorite–Neil is indirectly responsible for my marriage) called “Good Omens”.

        Never read Neil? Try “American Gods” when you have some time. Awesome book.


  2. Eternity won’t be nearly good as i had fantasized. I’ll come back as a flower though (with NO thorns).

    BTW, that is ONE UGLY virus !!!


    1. Well, it’s certainly true that that virus has a face only a mother could love. πŸ˜›

      Oh, and you should totally come back as a flower. Just don’t get the spelling wrong or you’ll end up in a baked bread product. πŸ˜‰


  3. Lol! Well, nothing’s perfect. I hope you like retro video games since there won’t be anyone left to design new ones. :/ Awesome comic!


  4. hi tony love the strip about death.death comes to us all accept our hero ernest who fights death with an ironic twist where the virus should,ve killed him but failed.oh tony when is the next podcast on crumbcast going to be on?.keep those strips coming tony.


  5. Love your computer shading Tony. I struggled for years with water & spray bottles & water colours to get that effect … then the damn rubber would not peel off properly./ Huh! That is life I guess.


    1. There’s a real art to doing that stuff the traditional way that I never completely got to grips with either, so I feel your pain. I find that computer colouring gets me a little closer to the style of colouring that I admire in HergΓ©’s work. Ah, such giddy heights…


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