Elvis vs. God


  1. There are people who can be uncomfortable in paradise, and people who can be bothered not even in hell. I prefer the later, less stress.
    As for weather… “Nicely pleasant” will do for me. If not, I’ll take “Cool”. No “Hot”, thanks.

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    1. Hee hee! I’ll take whatever feels most comfortable at the time. ‘Hot’ if I can have a swimming pool to be in, or ‘cool’ if I can have a warm bed to sleep in. And hell sounds more entertaining than paradise anyway.

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      1. Yeah, but that’s the thing: I can’t feel comfortable in hot. I sweat and feel sick and crawl over the place because I have no energy to move….
        To me, paradise is a place with no summers, a lot of nature and a super massive well tended library.
        Oh, and plenty of tea to drink while I work on my laptop or read stuff.
        Yup. That’s it.

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  2. The cat with the flame coming off his tail is hilarious. Agreed, some are determined to be unsatisfied.
    A long time ago I dated a girl that could find a flaw in a rainbow. It was so annoying. We saw a rainbow and instead of us just enjoying it she said, “if the red had been just a little bit stronger…….” I couldn’t believe it….. always something to point out that needs just the tiniest tweak in order to be perfect for that nanosecond. Seven years of adjusting things for that moment………that was a long 7 years.

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    1. Completely get where you’re coming from there, Faith. Life’s just a wee bit too short to be letting the small details niggle you. I guess some people can’t see the forest for the trees…


  3. Dear Tony,

    This reminds me of an old-timer I used to work with back when I was a computer tech (I’ve had a lot of jobs). He was a curmudgeon on the outside, but a big ‘ol teddy bear on the inside. Is Elvis a teddy bear in disguise?

    All My Love,


  4. didn,t katy perry write a song about hot’n’ cold?i like it “bloody hot”glad it is spring,roll on summer!!!!!!


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