My Silent Tea Break


  1. HAHAHA! That’s what he gets for making a stink. It wasn’t even dark out yet! Of course, I don’t know what time the sun sets in your part of the world. For all I know, that’s what it looks like at 11 PM. In which case, shame on Ernest!


      1. Unless he personally unleashed the moth, I can’t see that he is. But then I live in a first floor condo. I expect to hear the sounds of other people living–sometimes rather loudly. 🙂


          1. HAHAHA! My husband and son keep trying to get me to spoil the books on which Game of Thrones is based, but I refuse. (They do the same thing with other series as well.) My pat response is: “Read the books, and you’ll know!”


  2. this probably makes me look bad (swearing and some poor bloke actually dying!) but this is my favourite ever! Love Ernest’s totally rocking dance moves and the excitement at ‘that fave bit’. LOVE xxx


    1. I had wondered how folks would receive this one, so I’m pleased that it was to your liking, Carrie. As for Sander dying… perhaps he was just badly scratched? Sure, it was in the eye so he probably won’t be able to see out of it again, but still… 😛


  3. LOL was that Aleks again? I loved this one so much. Hilarious. I hate it when moths made of steel and razors fly into your eye. Every Tuesday.


    1. That happens to you every Tuesday, Sophie? Good heavens! Perhaps some sort of glasses or visor would be in order… 😮

      And, yep, that’s Aleks. I wonder what he’s going to make of this? 😛


  4. go ernest,this strip takes me back to my youth minus the swearing and heavy metal music,which i detesed then and still do.i,ve never came across any moth with razor sharp wings.i thought ernest would,ve been a britney spears fan rather than heavy metal.keep the strips+ podcasts coming tony+cassie.


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