Sex Education


    1. I never looked at it that way but I suppose you’re right really. When you’ve saved the world a bunch of times then I guess you get to opt out of certain situations that may just be a little bit too difficult for you to face… 😛

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    1. Ha ha! Yup, it seems as if there aren’t many parents that can talk candidly about sex with their children. Although, to be fair, it wouldn’t be an easy topic to broach.


  1. cool i didn,t know ernest dad was Elvis Presley.loved the whole strip especially the metaphors about sex education!.love the water bucket above the door,thats the oldest one in the book.tony is your crumbcast facebook address as follows,

    crumbcast crew page.http.// the strips & podcasts coming tony+cassie.


    1. Thanks, Stephen! We will indeed keep ’em coming. And, no, Ernest’s Dad wasn’t really Elvis Presley. He was even cooler than that! He was a robot pilot with a funky Elvis costume! Legendary! 😉


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