Catch 22


  1. Dear Tony,

    There is a chain of grocery stores here called Food City. They’re not in quite as bad shape as Food 4 Cheep, but I only go there when I absolutely have to. Because *ew*.

    All My Love,

    P.S. I need to add my 2 cents regarding the palette you went with. It looks beautiful. I think it’s perfect that Ernest’s sister is the brightest, most colorful thing in the whole store. I also love the little details you put in, like the labels on the boxes in the seventh panel. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jennifer! That’s very cool of you to notice the little details I put in there. And Food City does not sound like a grocery store chain that I’d like to frequent. We used to have a chain here called Food for Less (or something like that) and they were pretty dire if memory serves.


  2. Since I hate to grocery shop, I would be glad they’re closing. But it’s very catcy 22 since I gotta get groceries somewhere. I’ll let my husband figure it out. 😉


  3. Hahahahaha!!! 🙂 Well done, Tony! My God, you’re talented! I love that there’s not the need for too many different colours in this strip, and yet you found a way to maximize on the ones you did use. Good strategy.


    1. Thanks Sophie. This particular strip was a challenge to colour. There were so many elements that I needed to keep track of in order for the overall colour scheme to work. Exhausting! 😛


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