Homophobia is a Strong Word, But…


  1. Oh Tony, I guess I missed where you’re from/live? “She” is your PM, so not Canada or GB … Australia? (Blushing now b/c I’m making myself look stupid) Anyway, damn good (and funny) point made above w/creativity! Enjoyed! 馃槈

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        1. Get ready for a ridiculously long flight! Depending on what part of the world you’re travelling from, it takes centuries to get here. Okay, I say “centuries” but I’m exaggerating slightly there. 馃槢

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  2. Dear Tony,

    I like the perspective you used, with Sophie sitting on the floor whilst her “instructors” loom above her. One gets the sense that they make her feel like a scolded child.

    It’s true that homophobia comes from the religious and non-religious alike. Some atheists try to make it seem as if we, collectively, have the only claim to the moral high ground. The truth, however, is that we, collectively, have only one thing in common: we all lack belief in a god or gods. Anyone who claims we have anything else in common with one another, morally or otherwise, is just plain full of shit. Besides, no one has exclusive claim to that high ground, particularly when we so easily abandon it.

    Love Always,

    P.S. If you keep drawing Kojak my daughter is going to start asking for a bearded dragon. Better start reading up on them, I suppose…


    1. ^ And right here is someone who gets the point I’m trying to make. Thank you for being that someone, Jennifer. Over the years, I have met Christians and atheists alike who have held some pretty alarming views. I try to distance myself from such people nowadays, regardless of what they purport to believe (or not).

      I honestly never thought I’d meet an atheist who was against homosexuality, but I did. Three of them in fact. (In different places at different times.) I guess reason doesn’t always lead everyone to the same conclusions, and that intolerance can rear its ugly head anywhere.

      As for Kojak, I seriously doubt that we’ll see him again. Bearded Dragons are an absolute nightmare to draw, and utter hell to colour! Never again! 馃槢

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      1. “As for Kojak…”

        I can’t say I’m disappointed that Morrigan *won’t* be asking me for a bearded dragon but you did draw him beautifully. I’m glad I got to see it at least once. 馃檪


  3. Watching Paul confirmed it for me but I had a sneaking suspicion that bisexuality and homosexuality is as natural as nature. Why else would some animals prefer the company of their own sex, Female Hyenas have penises and male seahorses have vaginas and wombs? If anything I think God has a strange sense of humour =^.^=

    I had a gay cat named Blackstar. It wasn’t God’s wrath that took him from us, it was an Audi 馃槮


    1. You must miss poor ol’ Blackstar, Emi. I know how awful it is to lose a pet. 馃槮

      As for God having a strange sense of humour… well, I’ve often pondered that m’self. This world is full of some sublimely absurd things, and it’s much more interesting for it. 馃檪


  4. Everyone’s entitled to their beliefs and opinions but sometimes I think they forget that they are also responsible for them. Good on you Tony for showing them what those beliefs and opinions can do to someone else. Annnnd…..Nice bearded dragon BTW 馃檪


    1. Everyone’s lovin’ little Kojak so far! I guess I can finally forgive him for being so difficult to draw… 馃槢

      I think you hit the nail on the head with that one word, S.J. – “responsible”. I often wonder if too many of us just spruik our opinions without taking any responsibility for the impact that those opinions may have. Words and ideas can and do wound, even when that isn’t the intent.

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  5. Well done bearded dragon, Tony. 馃槈 . Homophobia is a strong word, and so is prejudice. Some day it’ll just be called opinion.,


  6. Wow.

    Were it unnatural, no-one, including animals- ducks are particularly keen, I understand- would do it.

    Also, rationalism should show that the disgust reaction to another human being should be mastered in the case of gay people just as in the case of other races. There is, in some people, a disgust reaction. It is that reaction which is the bad thing.


    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Clare. 馃檪

      I’m sure there are a proportion of homosexuals who find the thought of heterosexual lovin’ to be a bit distasteful – just as some heteros feel about gay lovin’. But it’s not the disgust reaction I’m so much worried about as the licence people seem to think it gives them to then discriminate.

      I think we’ll always disagree on various things in life – that’s what people do – but we as a race do need to learn how to live in harmony. That’s in spite of our many differences, and in spite of our own personal prejudices… which I believe we all tend to have.


  7. Thanks Tony, I do like it. It just shows that homophobia isn’t only stemmed from religion. Even here we have an atheist Prime Minister and still don’t have marriage equality and equal rights for same-sex couples. Also, Kojak is adorable!


    1. Well, it’s clear that our PM is avoiding the whole marriage equality issue to keep a certain group of voters happy, which is a shame. Gay people vote too. She might do well to remember that.

      I tell ya, Sophie, have you ever drawn a bearded dragon? Not fun at all! 馃槢


      1. Gillard is scared, which is a shame. It’s upsetting that those groups of people have so much power that even our PM is too scared to announce equal rights because of the backlash.

        I actually haven’t, but I have always planned on drawing P at one stage.


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