Look Behind You, Mr Crumb


  1. Dear Tony,

    My daughter uses “zoop” as a verb to describe a similar motion of cartoon characters. For instance. “Mr. Krabs zooped up into the air, and Squidward had a funny look on his face when he saw it.” This is invariably accompanied by the “zooping” hand motion, which is a lot like swooshing, but way more fun.

    I like the “heh heh heh” at the end. It sounds delightfully evil in my head.

    All My Love,


    1. The same thing happened to us when I was in primary school. It was so funny because as soon as they told us not to look… well, what did we end up wanting to go ahead and do? 馃槈


      1. When we had a partial eclipse in primary school, some people had special glasses from the newspapers, and we worked out that you could look at it in the tinted glass doors.


  2. Reminds me of some tweets we exchanged. heh
    Our next total eclipse is in 2090 I believe, the last one being in 1998. Boring Belgium


      1. Luckily for me, I *only* have to survive until the age of 95 to see it. And that’s considering I am in Belgium at the time.


  3. lucky ernest didn,t turn around because those who watched the real thing had “burnt eyes”the next day,there will be another solar eclipse in 16 years time,maybe ernest will “see’ that eclipse.keep the strips and podcasts coming Tony.


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