Rory in the Sky With Diamonds


  1. You have a power with using “unannounced” duality within you works. Again, another fine creation! Deeper than the visuals of the two very different characters of course, what I mean to get at is how I had to read it a second time to really start considering the “look vs. function” commentary on the created world. That is, perception and reality. = ) They always leave me thinking, and I always find myself reading it a few times.


    1. That is what I always hope for when I create one of these, that people will realise that there’s more going on than just the visuals. I’m so pleased that this approach is to your liking. 🙂


  2. ok that was philosophical Tony,what gave you the idea for this strip?.did Rory just hit puberty if you look at those teeth he looks pyschotic for a scots!!.did you watch Eraserhead before you wrote this strip?because it sure looks like it!!.keep the strips &pcs coming Tony.


    1. Hey, bud! Nah, I’ve never even seen Eraserhead. A crime, I know, it being such a classic and all! Cass came up with the idea of Rory trying to crack on to women all the time, and I just took it from there. You know me! Any chance for a bit of amateur smut and philosophising… 😉


  3. Dear Tony,

    Rory is always caught up in the moment. He is here and now.

    Ernest is always somewhere else, pondering and observing.

    I think Ernest and I have this in common. We may have something to learn from Rory.

    All My Love,


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