Rory in the Sky With Diamonds


  1. Dear Tony,

    Rory is always caught up in the moment. He is here and now.

    Ernest is always somewhere else, pondering and observing.

    I think Ernest and I have this in common. We may have something to learn from Rory.

    All My Love,


  2. ok that was philosophical Tony,what gave you the idea for this strip?.did Rory just hit puberty if you look at those teeth he looks pyschotic for a scots!!.did you watch Eraserhead before you wrote this strip?because it sure looks like it!!.keep the strips &pcs coming Tony.


    1. Hey, bud! Nah, I’ve never even seen Eraserhead. A crime, I know, it being such a classic and all! Cass came up with the idea of Rory trying to crack on to women all the time, and I just took it from there. You know me! Any chance for a bit of amateur smut and philosophising… 😉


  3. You have a power with using “unannounced” duality within you works. Again, another fine creation! Deeper than the visuals of the two very different characters of course, what I mean to get at is how I had to read it a second time to really start considering the “look vs. function” commentary on the created world. That is, perception and reality. = ) They always leave me thinking, and I always find myself reading it a few times.


    1. That is what I always hope for when I create one of these, that people will realise that there’s more going on than just the visuals. I’m so pleased that this approach is to your liking. 🙂


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