A Mermaid Unheard


  1. Laugh out loud funny! Love the frame where Ernest is “caught” by Zelda.
    I don’t do well in loud gatherings for other reasons. Too much stimulation for me after awhile.
    Lovely comic.
    (I’m trying to catch up now that you’ve posted anew.)


    1. Yes, loud gatherings can be bit of a challenge for lots of reasons, can’t they! The look on Ernest’s face when he gets “caught” just says it all, doesn’t it!


  2. Oops! Better keep that hearing aid in Ernest! It’s so awesome to get Ernest’s perspective on what it’s like to be deaf. There are things about it that the rest of us wouldn’t even know to consider.


    1. It is often surprising to people that I get headaches (or at the very least mentally tired) when I’m in large social gatherings. Trying to hear what I need to hear while trying to block out all other sound can be a hell of a lot of work! I’m glad you enjoyed this, S.J.!


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