The Lighthouse That Rocked


      1. Usually what I get is:
        “This band is great!”
        “Geez, how can you listen to this?”
        “This is terrible”
        “This band sucks”
        “I didn’t know them, thanks”
        “And you listen to this? I thought you were into rock”
        The worse is when they say nothing but look askance at me, as if I was an alien in disguise or something equally suspicious.

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        1. Oh, I hate that! I get that too! While I can fully appreciate that what I like won’t be to everyone’s taste, I certainly don’t need to be made to feel like a freak because of it. Yes, I can relate! 😛

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    1. It is indeed, Pamo, so no worries there. (Well, there was that one strip where Ernest was rockin’ out to one of their albums with a cup of tea, but yeah…) 😛


  1. interesting strip I liked how you had all the characters mix &mingle even although they had different interests. love the way you used the mirror ball inside the light house and the outside from a drawing point of view!. what is with Rory and polygamous???.


    1. Those mirror ball effects are damn hard to pull off, I can tell you, so I’m well pleased that you like them! As for that “polygamus” joke, I’m not sure how to explain it without killing it! 😛


  2. I like the fact that the spirit of the sea came to listen to the music, but I guess that means he has poor taste – or maybe he just likes to hear anything that doesn’t sound like waves. Ruth M


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