How to Lose Friends and Ruin Parties


  1. This strip confirms two of my long held beliefs.
    1) You don’t have to accept unacceptable behavior. Go Ernest!
    2) Ice cream soothes most everything.

    Love that last fade away frame of calm.


  2. In the immortal words of “Red Green”: duct tape fixes everything…lol. On a serious note I find little difference between people who seek to change the views of others whether they be religious or atheist. Both display an appalling lack of tolerance for anyone who doesn’t happen to agree with them. Listening to them fight gets old fast. Like Ernest, sometimes I just want to throw my hands in the air and shout, “Why can’t we all just get along?”


  3. how to lose friends and ruin parties aka never mind my (French) but get to the point!!!!.this is another great strip Tony ,but when does the party end?.is Jeremy a Jehovah witness?.is Ernest going to take anger management ?.sorry there is more questions than comments .what is Rory,s next adventure going to be?. keep the strips coming Tony.


    1. So many questions! Let’s see if I can answer one or two of them. The party ends with this strip. No. He’s probably too apathetic to do such a thing. That’s okay! Keep reading and you’ll find out. I shall, my friend! 😛


    1. I just noticed the self-satisfied smirk on the athiest’s face; what a bastard! Never inviting him to a party. Ever.


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