Love and Shake-Spear


      1. Hee-hee… I’ve learnt some new dirty words because of you, Tony 😛
        I just wanted to express my reaction as close as it’s possible to my native language!
        Booo… ‘Horse pee hole’, ‘get the fuck away from me’ and ‘blow my cock, then make a wish’…
        TONY! Can you imagine all fucking places where I’ve found these masterpieces?!


  1. Brilliant stuff Tony,is the “Dripping Delta ” anywhere near to the Thames Delta, Canvey Islands home of the much loved and sorely missed Dr Feelgood? Well much missed by myself anyway! Anyway there I go “rabbiting on” too much again.
    Take care Tony, keep up the good work I look forward to the next strip whether it’s above or below the shoreline!

    Kindest regards



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