The Weeping Earth


  1. Damn, this one is brilliant on many levels. It hurt to see those flowers, the poor things, but I’m also now curious as to who Bexley was thinking about while playing that petal game? Will we find out?

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  2. An indication, beautifully illustrated Tony, of the arbitrary and accidental nature of life and death.It’s not an admission of our powerlessness it’s just the way things are.Or maybe I’ve read this wrong C’Est la vie!

    Keep up the good work Tony, I notice not too many comments on this weeks strip, hmm m.

    Kind regards

    Paul .


    1. Thanks so much for reading AND commenting, Paul. It’s always much appreciated! I like your take on this week’s theme so I’m going to go with that.

      And maybe there aren’t many comments because people are just so blown away by the strip? Hm. Well, I can dream… 😛


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