Før Konserten


  1. Tony, I find your words and your art fascinating. I really resonated w/ this Chapter but I think I might be missing the connecting thread between the illustrations and the words? I sense there is some brilliant stuff going on and would love to know more so I can take everything fully in. I take it this is part of a bigger project?


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Diahann. I love it when you visit my little corner of the internet! As for the connecting thread you speak of, I can fully appreciate that it’s not apparent right now. You are correct in that this strip is part of a bigger project. If you ever find yourself with a bit of spare time, you are very welcome to check out the archive at https://crumblecult.com/archive/ to get caught up on the story so far. I do understand if it’s too much to sort through though. There is, after all, about two years worth of stuff there! Regardless, I do appreciate your support. I welcome it!


      1. I am with Pam – you need to find a publisher – not easy but your work needs to be more out there. Anything we can do to spread the Word we will do. Happy days!


  2. As I read this I just keep thinking that this is one of those significant works that deserves the weight of a book, a tome so to speak, in my hands. One I can put a book mark in, close the page, place on the nightstand and allow the thoughts to marinate in my mind.
    The religious theme is heavy and important and yet you lighten it with humor and mirth. Just when I’m ready to cry, you write a funny line that makes me laugh.
    Even the band is unsure of how to react. They don’t even get why they are wearing this metal band make up and now Ernest, poor Ernest, seems ever doomed to be sectioned away from the “norm”.
    Ernest is my hero.
    Beautiful work Tony. This must be exhilarating and exhausting work for you! I agree with Mark- absolutely brilliant.

    (My next series of cartoons features a clown. He will show up starting Thursday- I’ve already drawn him. The narrative is, of course, very different. I just didn’t want you to wonder when you saw it. 🙂 )

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    1. Your kind words are a balm for this artist’s tired brain, Pam. It takes time to read all of that text, and not only that, to comment as well! So, thank you. Thank you very much! The religious themes will be cropping up again as Ernest (nay, the author) takes stock of his life to date. I hope people don’t get bored! As for your clown creation, I cannot wait to see what a clown by Pam Huggins looks and acts like. Thursday cannot get here fast enough! 😀


      1. I could never be bored by your work Tony.
        You need a publisher. I’m serious- the caliber of your work is right up there with the best.

        You are too kind about my upcoming clown. Haha! Thanks dear friend.


        1. Thursdays shall henceforth be known as Clownday. That feels about right! And, yes, a number of people have said what you’ve said. I really do need to get these published in book form. 🙂


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