Sejanus and Barnabas


        1. It’s like you said in response to one of my comments over at your blog, “Your time spent here is greatly appreciated. I know how busy all of us are and there are TONs of blogs out there to read.” So, the feeling is mutual. Thank YOU for visiting mine!


  1. Great wit and wisdom here, Tony. I still might not be getting the full picture since I’m new to this aspect of your work- but I really appreciate an angel and demon shooting the breeze on a phone pole about (is it) the Gospel w/one of them trying to tell a knock-knock joke!


    1. Diahann, you got it in one! I guess you could consider them a “Greek chorus” of sorts because as the story goes on they’ll be commenting on the various characters and the things that those characters do. It’s my way of tying everything together so far… πŸ™‚


  2. Your story telling skills are showing my dear! Excellent scene, EXCELLENT! The dialogue is intriguing and adds an other world element to the whole sequence thus far. The demon is tired of watching humanity but I have to wonder if he’s met Ernest yet?
    The only problem is I WANT MORE!!!!
    Excellent, simply excellent. Have I said that yet?


    1. You’re a dear for being so enthusiastic about my little scribbles, Pam! More is coming! Sejanus is very much tired of watching humanity, isn’t he! And it seems as though Barnabas couldn’t possibly care less as well. It’s going to be exciting to weave them into the story that follows… πŸ˜‰


  3. The last panel is breathtakingly good, so much detail. Although I knew the names I have to admit I needed to google them so a bit clearer. Are they laying in wait for Ernest and the band? Excellent as usual.


    1. Ahhh, that would be telling! Hee hee! Let’s just say that they’re “along for the ride”. And thank you, Mark. It was gratifying to have that last panel turn out just the way I imagined it – a rarity for me!


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback, Maria. You are the second person to highlight this. I shall remove the gallery for now, and see if I can’t come up with a solution.


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