A Mermaid Unheard 2


        1. Whoops! I almost missed this comment! How did I do that? J, I would love to collaborate but unfortunately my days are packed to the brim with stuff for Crumble Cult and Unbolt Me (among other things). However, I’d be very happy to help you with whatever advice I can. Your Mermaid Girl book would work terrifically with some truly elegant mermaid art. Have you got any other artists in mind? (I hope?) 🙂

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          1. No worries I totally understand.
            I appreciate ur support 💛 I am a rookie blogger. No artists for Mermaid Girl. I have some photos I’m thinking to edit & use. However I would love illustrations instead.
            I have a few ideas of what I want her to look like. My imagination runs wild💯💚

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  1. Lodda comments! jeeze, I’m of a different ilk. slightly … wull, a little. anyway!

    If you don’t mind, i’ll interpret the poem about the green woman with nice tits and the man who’s deaf. I.e. … he DOESN’T LISTEN, the dumb ass!

    He lost his hearing aid! He cant HEAR or LISTEN!. Are women responsible?. Hell no! If men would have started listening to women long ago, we would’t have the kind of stupid problems we have now!

    Doesn’t any body fucking get it?! Oh … ! sorry … ! I didn’t mean to make a political statement about the maniacal rule of Donald Trump who … I believe may try to take over the government. I said POSSIBILITY!

    OOPS! ok, here i am again … . To sum it up, this poem is an indictment of men who have been too stupid to do any fucking good in a long long time because, they are so impressed with their big dicks that they don’t listen to ideas and choices from the minds of the maternal aspect of our world who EMBRACE life … so fuck ’em. It’s about time!

    (I’m a man, by the way.)

    They don’t listen these “men to other men” only; those who won’t consider the message of the other half of our ongoing struggle to live.

    Finally, the artist and her beautully speaking verbal helper …. she who speaks poetry at all times it is the language of poetry she speaks, containing within it a kind of mysterious blend of English and ummmm … another language … another way of thinking. So beautiful to hear and see .. really!

    May we look upon her as one who speaks with brevity yet gives the reader or the listener a world of detail

    Jeeze … what could be better?

    OK so finally … (ok ok I like to talk … ) to demonstrate the artists’ mythical definition of women, … at the end of the piece … this woman is portrayed as a friend of nature to such an extent that she has a natural ability to communicate with all life and so, she is part of it.

    To me, it’s the awesome power of women … unfortunately not yet fully released, that will give us the deeper understanding of our role between between ourselves and all living things.

    Thank you so much for writing a piece that more than piqued my interest. And thank you for giving me route here by way of the ‘like” you gave me. Please come by more often and try to read everything ok? Whoops! Jeeze, that was rude. sorry. But seriously, there can be no greater compliment than what you gave me.

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    1. I’m with you. Women get the raw end of the stick, I think. I don’t know why men don’t just shut up and listen to them more often than they do. I really like your take on this strip by the way. I was delighted at the opportunity to read some well thought out… well, thoughts on it all. And, no, I don’t find you rude at all. Just forthright, and that’s a good thing to be. 🙂


      1. I see it the other way around. If I say something and the other person, man or woman, doesn’t listen… I don’t bother to speak again. It’s pointless. Some people listen, some not. It’s up to them. It’s the way they are. So I talk and hear to those who listen and have something interesting to say. The rest… it’s none of my concern.

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