Slouching from Bethlehem


    1. I like that take, Dave. Head and heart is a great way to view this! As for ‘timestream’, that’s a science fiction term. According to Wikipedia, it “is a metaphorical conception of time as a stream”, and so it felt right to use the term within this fantasy context. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Never seen the word โ€˜forfendโ€™ before…no idea what morphemes are either (till now…) Google is defo โ€˜my friendโ€™….a โ€˜glaring of catsโ€™ does sound interesting especially cue the โ€˜glareโ€™ from the โ€˜cherub?โ€™ in the Crumbcast script. Simply brill! [you and Tati get me checking up new โ€˜wordsโ€™ every time. (unit of meaning, comes to mind)]

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  2. I enjoyed this a lot. I used to work for a company who claimed “We (the company) were making “Quantum Leaps in the * industry.”

    Of course, I know what he meant- he was clearly Scott Bakula hoping the next leap would be the one home.

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