Slouching from Bethlehem


    1. Hee hee. Yeah, this one is a bit more esoteric, I’m afraid. I may no longer be religious, but I admit there are intricate details of theology that still kind of fascinate me. How such an unwieldy belief system can still thrive in this day and age is something that I constantly wonder about. Plus, it’s not often one gets to see todgers represented in comics. πŸ˜‰

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  1. I like your thinking. You’re getting there, but not quite. I’d say – ‘words are the smallest means of forming meaning or intent…’ along with The Silence of the spaces (i.e. punctuation) inbetween. Thusly ‘Haiku’ were born & the need for spoken words. I say the daze of polarised thinking are numbered, when we accept a ‘spectrum’ view approach to problem solutions – checkout Rob Graves’ poem ‘In broken Images’ & ‘A Warning to Children’.
    The societal change in philosophy I think you’re getting at is one of losing religion but finding faith.

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