Simon Says and the Fresh New Hell

Y’all know the drill by now. I post a new podcast and you guys let it have sex with your ear holes. (Or however this whole listening thing works. I wouldn’t know. I’m deaf.)

In this episode I try to unpack what the hell I was on about when I produced the Crumble Cult strip “The Breakthrough“. You know art’s in trouble when it needs a lengthy explanation attached. I’d hazard a guess that this makes me a crap artist then. But really, is anybody surprised at this? I feel like I’ve been pretending with the truth for a hella long time.

Anyway, you can hear all about atheists and religious folks hating on each other, learn of my reasons for breaking away from all of that, and listen in on a feeble attempt to speak a little Ukrainian. Oh, and Tati makes a guest appearance too. She’s one half of the awesome Unbolt team. (I’m the less awesome half.)

So, yeah, it’s the heady audio stylings of Crumbcast 15! Aren’t you guys just freaking lucky or what!



  1. I’m still stuck on the “sex with your ear holes” haha! Great podcast though 😉
    One of my best friends is deaf. I’ve been working on my ASL

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              1. Haha! Hmm. Innocent huh? Well thanks and for catching up on some of my pieces. If you ever want to do more than read my blog I’ve always got time for email 😉 xx

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  2. :D:D why have I only just found this lunacy? AND made the connection with what is in fact a duo. ‘Unbolt’ who I had assumed was a lifer in an american jail:D:D
    Fabulous..ridiculous rambling podcast….the preachings from the preacher of crumblecult….a cult worth following:D:D:D

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  3. How could I not make an appearance
    I would lose my good standing in the crumblecult community
    Not to mention my hang card
    Passed dues aside
    But if you don’t pay someone
    Than you can’t play with the other idiots
    Come on Tony
    Who’s the fool Daddy

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  4. Your pod cast has become my favorite. Your voice is the best voice. Now, I can’t even stand listening to my husband talk, talk, talk.

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  5. Ah, ha, ha! You are hilarious. I didn’t know Ukrainian could sound so sexy. 😉 I had a teacher in middle school named ‘Power’––imagine what that did to me . . . Oh my goodness, I’ve never laughed so hard. There are lots of good advice and great points here in between ‘backward cap makes him look like a shaved chimp with delusions of humanity’ or ‘I must learn to play with the other idiots of the world’ or ‘your perfection is already shinning too brightly on my already put upon scraggly chest lumps . . . ‘ Don’t get me wrong, I love everything you say. You are very entertaining and quite brilliant.

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    1. Well, I do love to put the “sexy” in Ukrainian, hence my rather seductive reading. Ha ha ha! (Oh god, I kill me.) I’m really quite chuffed that you enjoyed this, Vashti. Thank you heaps and stacks for taking the time to listen in the first place! 😀

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